It should go without saying, but just in case you need to see it in writing: We meet industry specifications for reliability and compliance. Of course we do; we’ve been in business for 25 years.

Physical Access Management

VHT maintains rigorous process and people management to comply with physical security standards, protecting our clients and their data against unauthorized access.

Network Operations & Infrastructure Security

Security is vital to our networks and infrastructure. VHT’s operational and data networks implement the latest security technologies to ensure the security and integrity. VHT adheres to strict processes and deployment strategies to protect systems and maintain continued operation.

Product and Application Security

VHT maintains industry best practices for solution development, testing, quality assessment, and
elevation to production environments. With a mature product life cycle, VHT adheres to product and application security practices.

Data Security

VHT is a data processor on behalf of our clients who procure VHT products and services. VHT only processes data collected through our products and services when requested by our clients. Data processing by VHT, including that of PII, is limited, by default.

Incident & Disaster Response

VHT maintains our network integrity, our ability to access systems, and stable delivery of our products and services in the event of major incidents. VHT has taken appropriate measures and precautions with our business systems allowing continued operation and management of the VHT organization.


The privacy of our clients and their customers is top-of-mind in everything we do at VHT. We keep our products and services compliant with privacy standards like CCPA, GDPR and HIPAA.

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