Report clearly on call volume, hold times, and more.

Reporting, Analytics and Insight: the trinity of data.

Any tool is only truly good if you know how it’s useful to you. That’s why VHT spends so much effort and time offering our clients actionable data about how the capabilities of Mindful are being applied to call center activities and customer experience metrics.


A fitness tracker for conversations.

VHT has real humans gathering data about your callback to give you perspective on how Mindful’s capabilities impact metrics like:

  • Usage rates
  • Acceptance rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Hold time averages
  • Scheduled vs. ASAP requests

Just seeing this data gives you perspective on how Mindful’s capabilities are being integrated into your customer contact activities.


You can’t have analytics without analysis.

Is a 40% acceptance rate great or terrible? Naturally it depends on your business. In fact, it often differs from queue to queue. This is why VHT will collaborate with clients to help them understand more than just what the numbers in a chart mean. We help you understand what those numbers mean for you and your business.


More than a story, it’s a vision for your future.

In addition to helping you make sense of the numbers and data, VHT will periodically review trends with you to offer insights into what they mean for the future of your call center and customer service activities.

We’ve witnessed VHT’s capabilities benefit our clients for the past 25 years. We use this combined knowledge to guide you to realizing increased cost savings and optimizing effectiveness year after year.

Our data-driven roadmap enables you to get more out of Mindful every day.