A Complete, Usable Guide to Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is integral to a thriving CX strategy and can be the defining difference for business growth. Learn how to measure, analyze, and grow in this guide.

Is solving a customer’s problem and then quickly moving on to the next good or bad? (Spoiler: It’s a little of both.) Good customer service is now the leading factor for consumers when dealing with a brand, with 93% of consumers stating that they would make repeat purchases with a company that has great customer service. And companies are noticing—89% of companies that focus on customer service and provide excellent customer experiences show a significant increase in revenue growth, and 90% report better profitability than competitors from the previous year.

In order to grow your company, expanding and improving your response to customer satisfaction should be a priority. This is the new trend of customer-first ideology, where your product or brand doesn’t matter as much as making sure your customers are happy and satisfied.