When jobless claims soared, CT Department of Labor scaled up in record time.

Eliminating thousands of repeat calls enabled strapped caseworkers to serve desperate citizens.

  • HeadquarteredConnecticut
  • IndustryPublic Service

A 500% increase in case loads during COVID-19 created thousands of calls before the day even started. Case workers were stuck on the phone all day, while thousands of unemployed tried to get help.

Purchasing and implementing through AWS Marketplace in under a week made for immediate changes. Every caller had a guaranteed time slot to speak about their case, team members had less heated conversations, and more people were served as the department of labor expanded into scheduling and call center routing.

In the first week using Mindful, they saw a nearly 60% decrease in repeat calls, while immediately gaining insight into accurate call volumes, hold times, and handling times. Notifications ensured a high successful reconnection rate, and digital scheduling set up for future routing to an outsourced call center.

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