Offer a web-based callback for self-service customers.

  • ProblemCustomer attempts self-service, but needs agent assistance
  • SolutionOffer web-based callback scheduling within self-service pages
  • ResultsReduces voice channel calls from customers to lower costs


Customers attempt to solve their problems on your website, but need help from an agent.

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. We all know that offering self-service options to customers is easier and less expensive for businesses and often better and more satisfying for customers too. Though, some issues still require the assistance of a live agent. At this point a customer is likely to just call your general business line and leave the self-service experience.


Include a call scheduling form for Mindful on the self-service webpage.

VHT’s Mindful allows easy cloud-based or on-premise setup for web-based call scheduling on your website. (Setup often takes only a few hours). Should a customer realize they need the help of an agent, they can schedule a call right from the self-service webpage using our easy form scheduling widget. Customers can choose an ASAP callback or schedule one for a later time or date.

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Predict call volume, connect journey data, and delight customers.

Even though customers escalate their self-help to an agent, they don’t have to pick up the phone. Instead, they get a predictable callback that fits their and your schedules. Not only does this encourage future self-service from customers, but offers you data about which self-service issues often escalate to agents. Use this to improve your self-service options.

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