The problem of high call volumes and hold times.

  • ProblemHigh call volume means longer hold times, upsetting customers-and agents.
  • SolutionOffer your customers callback instead of requiring them to wait on hold.
  • ResultsReduced hold time with happier customers and more productive agents.

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Customers are calling more before, during, and after a sale.

These days customers aren’t just calling for post-sale service needs. They’re reaching out more during all stages of the customer journey. Queues are full, and agents are swamped. Plus, longer hold times mean more abandoned calls, even after a caller has waited on hold. This inevitably increases call volume when they attempt again later. Services costs go up, sales opportunities are lost and customers are frustrated. This is the exact issue we helped a major US home improvement retailer address this summer.


Offer callback instead of requiring hold time.

One of the best ways to reduce hold time is to give callers an option to skip it all together. During any period when queues fill up you can employ Mindful to offer a callback right from the IVR. That’s precisely what that home improvement retailer deployed to solve their issues. And, they noticed relief and results in just days. 

Mindful’s callback is more than just an add-on feature. It’s a full platform dedicated to customer contact CX. You can even design the experience to spread calls out enabling agents to catch up with a heavy queue volume. It’s also a great opportunity to employ some Notifications through SMS texting. Callers can get a confirmation of their callback and reminders to increase conversions.

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Hold time is reduced, callers get free time back

Hold time is expensive for businesses, frustrates callers and reduces sales conversions. By offering a scheduled callback on the front-end of the call, hold time can be drastically reduced. And queue volume can be more easily managed with Mindful’s real-time dashboards to track callback requests. It’s an option that both customers and agents love. Plus, we can get it up and running in days.

With customer contacts increasing throughout their journey, reducing hold times improves business growth as well as service effort. Call abandonment rate is reduced, customers are more satisfied, and NPS increases. Remember that home improvement retailer? Well, agents in other queues were requesting to get callback installed. Happier customers = happier agents = more sales.

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