24 x 7 365 +1 866-670-2223 (US and Canada)
+1 330-670-2238 (Worldwide)

Email address:

  • Case Logging
    • Telephone Support
    • Email Support
  • All new versions and releases, that VHT provides to all other customers under support for no additional fee under support.
  • Bug fixes to bring the software into substantial conformance with its then current technical documentation.
  • Response time (see chart below)
  • Resolution Process
    • Open a Trouble Ticket
    • Assign engineer to determine and correct the error
    • Report Periodically on the status of the correction
    • Initiate work to correct the error
  • “Moves,” “Adds,” and “Changes” to the software deployed to accommodate changes in environment and provisioning additional lines of business within the software configuration and boundaries of the entitled software and capacity.
  • Severity Chart
    Critical – Customer’s production software is down; the loss of production data is a concern and no procedural workaround exists 1 hour 24 hours 15 days
    High – Customer cannot use major software features or when the software is exposed to potential loss or interruption of service; no acceptable workaround exists 4 hours 48 hours 30 days
    Medium – Medium-to-low impact situation that involves partial non-critical functionality loss. Typically, an easy workaround exists. Medium issues include documentation and GUI. 1 day 2 business days 30 days
    Low – General usage question or recommendation for a future software enhancement or modification. 2 business days 4 business days N/A
  • Exceptions
    • Delays in customer providing VHT with remote “VIEW ONLY” access to the VHT software, its configuration and log files.
    • The above time periods begin when customer notifies VHT of the support issue.
    • Use of the VHT software on equipment other than the equipment for which such software was designed and licensed, or use of the software in a manner for which it was not designed.
    • Alteration of our addition to the VHT software by a party other than VHT, unless such alterations or additions are made at the direction or with the written consent of VHT.
    • Delays when the issue is attributable to third-party software, services or hardware.
    • Certain situations may require software development and testing that may result in an increase in the resolution time stated above.
    • Refusal to implement a current version of the VHT software.
    • Customer is responsible for providing all third-party software and hardware rights, access and licenses as described in VHT’s technical documentation.
    • Lack of timely communication or full cooperation by customer.
    • If VHT goes onsite to a customer facility under support, customer must pay for VHT’s reasonable travel and lodging expenses.

Note: These support terms may change, but VHT will not materially degrade these terms during a paid support term. VHT will provide email or other electronic notice of any material change