Mindful Platform Overview

Mindful is the only platform that allows seamless transitions between talk and text with your customers. It’s not omnichannel; it’s omnipresent.


Digital Callback




VHT’s Mindful platform utilizes talk and text to align customer and business contact preferences. Along with digital channels, insight through analytics measurement, and leveraging automation, we enable more successful relationships between customers and brands.

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We invented callback.

More than an afterthought or a checkbox, Callback is at the core of what we do. VHT is founded in the value of customer-centric call scheduling. Regardless of the method, our Callback technology establishes the industry model for customer contact efficiency and effectiveness.

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Don’t call, just click.

With a snippet of code for an embeddable web widget, we allow customers to request a callback directly through your website, mobile app or chat bot. This is just one way that Mindful aligns your call volume management needs with the customer’s personal schedule. Everyone’s happy.

Offer callbacks without the IVR.


ICYMI, people are texting.

We’ll help you discover how text messaging integrates into your communication activities. Reach your customers where they are and your customers will thank you for it (and save you $$$). 89% of customers want to connect with businesses through texting. Don’t leave them waiting.

Adding text messaging is easier than you think.


Automatic, for the people.

The automatic text notifications offered through Mindful gives you rules-based SMS text responses to connect with customers where they are. Automatically let them know the time you’ll call them, offer them web links for self service, or other notifications that fit your needs. Feels like magic.

Automatically send text messages without an agent


Measure twice, cut costs.

Mindful gives you actionable insights on your callback, text messaging, notifications, and digital activities. Combine it with your other systems’ data (or even collaborate with our Customer Success team) to boost cost-savings and effectiveness. It’s like a fitness tracker for your communications.

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Yeah, we work with them.

Chances are whoever you’re using to provide communication technology, we already work with them. Considering a switch? We work with them too. You won’t have to choose between VHT and other technology. We’ll integrate seamlessly into your existing tools.

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All about the &.

Our SaaS model is really Software & a Service. It’s that “&” that makes all the difference. Our subscription model means our teams never stop collaborating with you on strategic improvements to keep your technology on the leading edge.

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Where you are.

The Mindful Platform adapts to where you are and advances as you need it.

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