Meet your customers with text messaging.

Communicate the way your customers do.

Text messaging is now second nature and 89% of consumers report they want to communicate with brands using text messages. VHT clients using Mindful automatically have the option to include text messaging services. No additional licenses, no extra costs.


Hello? Is this thing on?

58% of consumers have responded to a missed phone call from a business with a text message. Many of those businesses weren’t set up to even know it was happening. Within minutes, we can onboard your toll-free numbers and monitor the inbound text messages to discover what your customers are saying.


Easy like Sunday morning.

One of the best capabilities of VHT’s Mindful platform is the seamless transition between text and talk. This means a customer can seamlessly transition between texting and talking and back again if needed. This gives the customer and the agent more freedom to resolve issues in a manner and on a schedule that best fits the customer and business needs.

2-way texting

It takes two to make a thing go right.

Telephone conversations with customers are unlikely to go away any time soon. But the option for “voiceless” asynchronous conversations through texting is quickly becoming expected. The vast majority of consumers rely on text messaging as a necessary part of their daily lives. Texting is an included part of the Mindful platform, and when you’re ready to add 2-way texting, Mindful will be too.

Onboarding text messaging is easier than you think. Ask us how.