Improve NPS and customer satisfaction.

Put the customer in control with Mindful and see overnight improvement to your CSAT and NPS scores.

Customer perception is everything.

There are plenty of subconscious moments that make a magical customer experience.

A callback, for instance, may delay their resolution. But when hold time is now seen as free time, their perception transforms.

Mindful powers these moments, setting up for a remarkable experience with your brand.

Turn hold into NPS gold.

For customers that choose to be called back later, our clients see a 5% increase in NPS across the board, putting it on par with customers that had no hold time.

Not only is the bar raised, but another 3% lift in promoters means more brand awareness for your company.

“VHT gives us the ability to drive consistent impacts to NPS even if we have variability in our service. You help us keep people happy!”

— Fortune 500 retailer

Win the affection of your customer.

Putting the customer in control is a big deal for your CSAT: 75% of customers treated with Mindful have a more favorable view of your company.

Changing perception starts with the experience.

Understand customer perception and how you can make it the very best in our eBook, Understanding Customer Perception.

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With the right setup, every experience is a triumph.

While no formula is perfect, we’ve seen clients find success time and time again.

Customer schedules a callback.

Whether on the phone, on your website, or through a text, you can put the customer in control and let them contact your brand on their terms.

Agent gets prepped.

Briefed with context about where the customer left off, customer-first calling smooths out the entire process.

Lower hold and handle, raise NPS and CSAT.

The results speak for themselves: 63% of Mindful callers have a first interaction resolution, which makes everyone happy.

See the difference?
Your customers do.

Typical experience

Stuck in the past.

Customers are stuck on hold waiting for an agent, while brands pay for it.

The worst option.

Choosing to wait on the line for an agent is no choice at all.

Reluctant to recommend.

Outdated contact experiences breed complaints and detractors.

Mindful experience

More customer free time.

Offering callbacks give customers free time instead of hold time.

Customer in control.

Let customers choose their contact time and channel.

Higher NPS.

Brands experience an average of 5% NPS lift with Mindful.

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Delight customers.
Raise NPS. Be mindful.

With Mindful driving your customer interactions, you can see immediate impact on your NPS and CSAT. Learn more from the team that pioneered callback.