Elevate agents and evolve customer experience.

The best customer experience often begins with a great agent experience. Mindful makes for happy agents and efficient calls.

Delightful efficiency—no longer a paradox.

In efforts to improve the bottom line, it’s easy to sacrifice the agent experience. But Mindful brings the best of both worlds.

Set your agents up for success with pacing, context, and a calm customer—and watch as agents and customers get happy together.

Improved AHT and ASA—meet growing NPS and CSAT.

Mindful dials the customer first and carries context into each call, improving handle times and speed of answer.

The best part? More than 60% of Mindful callers resolve their interaction in the first call, lowering volume and raising satisfaction.

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Peak volume is now predictable volume.

Mindful transforms the peaks and valleys of call volumes into predictably scheduled customer contacts. In fact, 35% of callers using Mindful won’t abandon a call or become repeat callers.

Offering scheduling across voice, text, and web streamlines work for agents and tees up better experiences for customers.

Make adjustments for immediate results.

Customers expect your brand to adapt to their rapidly changing world. When call behavior changes on a dime, your tools need to change in real time.

With Mindful tied in as a cloud solution, changes take place as soon as you need them. Update call targets, priority queues, and more in seconds—all without filing an IT ticket.

Benefit from 25 years of industry experience.

From day one, VHT has worked with brands to understand the needs of their agents and contact centers. Mindful was designed and developed with them in mind, and our teams continue to work with clients to make industry-leading recommendations.

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See the difference?
Your customers do.

Typical experience

Ad hoc reactions. Brands are forced to always be in reaction mode, scrambling to respond

Inconsistent volume. Contact volumes vary widely day to day and even hour to hour.

Dreaded launch. Contact centers are at the mercy of product and event launches, guessing on staffing levels at the last minute.

Late to the party. Adopting new contact methods is slow and inconsistent, requiring new tech and licenses.

Mindful experience

Improved game plan. Planned volumes make staffing levels and work schedules easier to set.

Reduce peaks and valleys. Spread out contact volume with scheduling and channel transitions.

For future events. Be more prepared for product launches or planned events using Callback scheduling and notifications.

Be ready for future tech. Mindful will adapt to market technology shifts and update automatically.

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Give free time instead of hold time.

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Digital Callback

Scheduling for website, app, or chat.

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Send SMS texts using your toll-free line.

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Automate action-based messages.

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Optimize your CX with insights.

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The callback creators—at your call.

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Delight customers.
Raise NPS. Be mindful.

With Mindful driving your customer interactions, you can see immediate impact on your NPS and CSAT. Learn more from the team that pioneered callback.