Mindful Digital Callback

You can offer callback without the call. Mindful allows you to add a simple callback scheduling tool to a website, mobile app, or chatbot. Users just click to request an ASAP callback or schedule one for a specific time in the future. Plus, it can be implemented in less than 24 hours!

Check out this live demo to see how it works.

Website Module

Wow, what a wily widget!

Place our W3C compliant digital callback tool into any page on your website, any screen on your mobile app or even within your chatbot. It’s more choices for you and your customers. Everyone’s happy.

Easy Transitions

Keep the conversation going.

Users don’t think about channels; they just think about what they need to get done. Digital callback scheduling lets them transition to a voice channel without having to leave the digital channel.

Volume Alignment

Whenever you’re ready.

Allowing your customers to schedule a Callback online means you can offer times that best fit your staffing and call volume management needs. Plus, customers can choose to get a Callback ASAP or a time that is hours or even days in future (actually, up to a full week).

Fits Your Brand

Callback, but make it fashion.

Whether you’re adding the Mindful digital widget to your website, mobile app or chatbot, it can be styled to match your existing brand standards. Your team won’t have to build or design it, but it will look just like they did.

Fast Implementation

What a difference a day makes.

One of the best aspects of our digital scheduling tool is how fast you can add it to your website, mobile app, or chatbot. Implementations take less than 24 hours with Mindful’s cloud platform (sometimes even just a few hours).

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