Make lasting connections with your customers.

Every brand wants to make measurable, positive impressions on their customers. While improvements can take years for many, those who use Mindful see it happen in weeks.

Better for customers. Better for agents. Better for your bottom line.

There are plenty of subconscious moments that make a magical customer experience.

Put customers in control with options to connect with you through voice, text, website, or app, so they can start the conversation where they are.

The upside? Customers in control offer higher NPS and CSAT scores, and even show more patience during busy periods. 

Create lifelong brand advocates.

Putting customers in control with Mindful is a modern experience that’s sure to exhilarate.

Be where they are.

Customers are channel agnostic—and Mindful lets you be the same. Allow customers to start in one channel and continue in a different one. Transitions are easy with Mindful.

Context with every call.

Getting customers where they need to be as quickly as possible is what both customers and brands want. Mindful applies intent to an issue, making more calls on target and on time.

One call resolve, solved.

On average, 63% of customers connecting via Mindful achieve first contact resolution. No hold times make customers agreeable off the bat, and sessions excel when connected to the right agent.

Changing perception starts with the experience.

Understand customer perception and how you can make it the very best in our eBook, Understanding Customer Perception.

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The next generation of IVR.

It’s been a long time since phones had cords and dialpads. As telephony evolves, your IVR should evolve to meet voice, text, and web. Connect customers to the right person at the right time in any channel.

Create a mindful customer journey.

The modern customer journey is messy. Customers come in from any touchpoint and expect an answer. Being mindful means meeting them where they are, and picking up where they left off—creating an experience they’ll love.

See the difference?
Your customers do.

Typical experience

In the dark. Customers call in and layer contact methods when they lack status details about their issue.

Asking over and over. Agents annoy customers by asking for the same information they already confirmed in another channel.

Manual entry woes. Without automatic verification, agents and customers have to enter verification data multiple times.

Only one option. Customers don’t know about the contact options, so they choose the costly and time-consuming methods.

Mindful experience

Reveal current status. Update customers about their progress with agentless notifications.

Keep agents informed. Offer context and continuity to agents so they start conversations informed and ready.

Deliver the data. Automatically deliver verification data to systems and keep the momentum going.

Tell customers their options. Let customers know they have options to choose how and when to contact your brand.

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Give free time instead of hold time.

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Brand advocates thrive on Mindful.

All customers have potential to be an advocate. Putting customers in control with Mindful shifts customer happiness in a matter of weeks.