Unlock the value of using Mindful in the Cloud.

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Mindful and all of its capabilities are available as a SaaS, cloud-based platform. Easy to implement and as powerful as ever.

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The New Way Forward

Implementing Mindful as a cloud/SaaS platform for clients is our standard operating procedure moving forward.

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Transition with Ease

The time to Transition from a premise-based Mindful installation to the cloud version is here. We’ll guide you through it and make it feel seamless.

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Full Platform, No More Licenses

All the core capabilities of Mindful Cloud are available from day one. Upgrades are automatic and included and no software upgrades are ever needed.

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Scales With Your Needs

Mindful measures interactions and can be implemented on as many queues as you want. No licenses, no restrictions, and no concerns about hardware. Our auto-scaling SaaS has you covered.

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Fast Implementation

Technical implementation and onboarding generally takes only weeks instead of months (or even years). The learning curve is low and requires no in-house maintenance.

Mindful has all the features you have now plus some you don’t.

(And more are on the way)

Cloud conversion table comparing Mindful platform to premise software