10 Ways Callback Creates a Better Customer Experience

By VHT Marketing

Callback isn’t just calling customers back on a voice line anymore. It’s a whole set of practices and supporting technologies that each lead to a better customer experience. Here are 10 ways a modern callback solution like Mindful should work for you.

Offer callback during the right time

For better efficiency and customer experience (CX) you should set callback times when the queue is staffed for each day of the week in your Mindful Call Target settings. You can designate an “open” and “close” time for when the callback option is automatically offered. The close time should end early enough to allow the callbacks to be made before service hours end. This varies depending on your contact center. For some 30 minutes is enough of a window. But, or more complex issues and hour or more might be best. Use your Executive Summary or your callback filters and search to get a better idea of queue times.

Offer a callback at the right moment

To ensure the best customer experience, you should offer a callback as early in the call as possible. A good rule of thumb is to offer it no later than 90 seconds of hold time. Historically we’ve even seen a 22% opt-in rate for callers who were offered a callback with a wait time of only a minute or less. You should even consider offering it right away before any hold time is even announced. This can lead to the best customer experience and most predictable call scheduling.

Make it an option outside of service hours

Mindful offers the capability to customize how the system treats inbound calls. This means you can offer a scheduled callback even if your contact center has closed for the day. Instead of telling just the caller to “Please call us tomorrow,” Mindful allows callbacks to be scheduled up to a week in advance. You can set the times and volume of calls scheduled through your Mindful UI. Plus customers can schedule through the SMS text and web channels using our low-code widget. By offering future options you make sure customers are served and reduce your future repeat call volume.

Offer wait time estimates and updates

When a caller hears their estimated wait time to speak to an agent they’ll expect that callback to be on time. Callbacks may not occur at the exact moment the customer expects. The best practice is to communicate a range of estimated wait time. Using a range instead of a specific number sets a softer expectation of when the customer will speak to an agent. Mindful also allows customers to check the status of their callback time through automated SMS text responses.

Retry and reschedule for missed callbacks

it’s not unusual for a customer to become unavailable to answer their phone when the callback occurs. Automatically trying the customer in a few minutes will improve the caller experience. Mindful allows you to customize not only how many times the system retries the customer, but also how often in between each try. You can also employ automatic text notifications to remind the customer the callback is coming. Our clients experience an increase in completed callbacks when clients use these automated text reminders.

Prevent duplicate callback requests

Sometimes callers can become impatient. An impatient caller may arrange a callback and hang up, but then for some reason call again to arrange a second or even third callback to the same phone number. This results in duplicate callback requests, fills up the queue and artificially inflates the call volume. To prevent this type of scenario Mindful offers a feature that checks to see if the number the caller entered is already waiting to be called back. If it is, the system will inform the caller that they already have a callback in the system, and will not allow them to request another callback until the original callback is made.

Callback requests are for agents, not just customers

With Mindful’s Intents capabilities, agents can schedule callbacks on behalf of customers. Allowing agents to determine a callback target enables them to better directly address customers experiences and maintain better continuity in their activities.  Naturally, agents often find that another department needs to assist a customer, which requires a transfer. If that queue is experiencing hold times the agent is often forced to keep the caller on the line while holding for the next queue. With Mindful, agents can schedule a callback on behalf of their customer in the correct queue right from their Mindful interface. They inform the customer of the callback time and can move on the next customer knowing the previous one will be taken care of.

Allow Customers to cancel callbacks over the text channel

This is another scenario where Mindful rises above the rest with agentless responses. If a customer can’t make their callback time or no longer needs assistance, Mindful allows customers to cancel their callback using a text message response. Using a response like “@cancel” to an automated reminder text will start a process to either set up a new callback time or confirm the callback is canceled. This saves time for agents making callbacks that aren’t needed and keeps agents from having to process cancelations or rescheduling.

Offer only available callback times to customers

Customers won’t want to guess when callback slots are available. To keep this from happening, Mindful offers the ability to inform customers about open slots to schedule their callback to make it more predictable. This feature provides customers with only available time choices if their original scheduled callback request time is not an option. It removes the guessing game for the customer and balances the callback queue for you.

Remove the chance of customers inputting a wrong number.

Mindful has the capability of capturing the phone number the customer calls in on. This elite feature can repeat the phone number the customer called in on as the first option for their callback in the IVR. This improves both the customer experience and system performance by making the option to choose a callback quicker and easier. It also removes the possibility of a caller entering a wrong phone number for a callback.

We know using callback through Mindful creates a better customer experience. We also know that it’s more than just the callback itself that makes it successful. It’s the multi-channel support, the ease of use for agents, and meeting the customer where they are. That’s the real reason we continue to see our clients consistently raise their NPS and CSAT scores once Mindful is implemented.

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